About Zhongshi Yibo

To create a platform for the development of contemporary Taiwanese artists, encourage deep cultivation of art education, and then form a virtuous circle and positive social energy is the purpose of the establishment of "Zhong Shi Art Expo". At the same time, under this purpose, we will promote the pragmatic approach of "True Love for Taiwan, Equality of Art, and Common People's Participation", and on this basis, we will conduct substantive exchanges and interactions with international and cross-strait cultures, so as to effectively increase the height of Taiwan's art and expand the art market.

Since September 2020, we will hold the first "Zhongshi Art Fair" autumn exhibition, and we will plan the "Zhongshi Art Fair" in four seasons. In addition, auctions will be launched after the end of each exhibition. The content echoes the purpose of "China Time Art Expo". The main body of contemporary art, and an online preview will be planned before the physical auction. It is hoped that the dual-track model of exposition and auction will be used. , Effectively construct and perfect the art platform.

The development of contemporary Taiwanese artists is diversified and diversified. Some are constantly trying to break through in pursuit of world trends, and some have penetrated the local cultural context of Taiwan in the opposite direction, showing their true love for the land of Taiwan through artistic creation. In any case, what is certain is that art is no longer out of reach, it has been integrated into the culture and life of the people. And the "True Love for Taiwan, Equality of Art, and Common People's Participation" that we insist on promoting will also be a force that cannot be ignored in the future of art development and the market.


We are looking for you who are passionate about the art field to create a world stage for artists