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Wang Yi, sit and watch the clouds rise

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label: Wang Yi

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Wang Yi, sit and watch the clouds rise

design concept

Work introduction: The beauty of Miao Ling wears a thin shirt and a single high heels, revealing her skin and body, enjoying the quiet moments of the night. The magnificent mountains and rivers under the high chairs seem to be full of confidence in lofty ambitions, or it means that the strong woman has already taken hold of the country. The blooming growth of peony, the king of flowers, which represents wealth, seems to break the bird cage and strengthen the picture. Wang Yi's master's degree in Chinese painting from Hubei Academy of Fine Arts has won the permanent collection of Queensland, U.S. and Guan Shanyue Art Museum, China. Traditional Chinese ink painting has an inherent framework to follow. In addition to solid traditional techniques, new Chinese painting ink has themes and concepts added to modern ideas. , To bring traditional aesthetics into the lives of modern people in a contemporary form.

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