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Pan Pengbin Yixian Memorial Park

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Pan Pengbin Yixian Memorial Park

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Pan Pengbin was born in Beitou, Taipei in 1957. Education: Bachelor of Art from Political Warfare School, Master of Art Institute of China Culture University. Current position: Chairman of Taiwan Fine Arts Association, Executive Director of China Yuanshan Painting Association, Executive Director of Post Cubist Painting Association Director and executive director of the Owl Art Association, etc.; the host and auctioneer of the "Zhongshi Art Fair" and "Star Art Auction" Project Award: The 39th China Literature and Art Association "Art Medal"-Oil Painting Creation Award Jury: Appointed Federal Art New Artist Award, Taiwan Impressionist Painting Award, National Army New Art Golden Statue Award, Qingxi New Art Golden Statue Award, Taiwan Fine Arts Award, Dunhua Lions Club Sketching Competition, Lion Art Competition... and other jury members; Entry and Exit Management of the Ministry of the Interior Bureau, Fuxing Elementary School in Taipei City, Northern Military Court and Procuratorate... and other public art review committee experience: Participating in 2014 and 2017 New Art Fair, 2016-2020 Taiwan Art Fair; University Assistant Professor Certificate, Ministry of Education, former post Taught in the Department of Applied Arts of National Defense University, Department of Architecture, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, etc.; Served as the president of Tamsui Community University in New Taipei City (2015-2018), founding president of Beitou Community University in Taipei (2003-2007); Lectures, advisory committee of the 100th Anniversary Art Exhibition of the Ministry of National Defense, the creation of historical paintings commemorating the 70th anniversary of the War of Resistance of the Ministry of National Defense (Yellow River Break), etc. Solo exhibitions: National Taiwan Museum of Art, Taipei American Cultural Center, National Taiwan Art Education Museum, Ministry of National Defense Fraternity Gallery, National Sun Yat-sen 35 publications including memorial halls and public and private galleries: Pan Pengbin Oil Painting Collection 17 volumes Collection: National Taiwan Museum of Art, Kaohsiung Museum of Art, National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, National Security Agency, Ministry of National Defense, National Defense University, Yangmingshan National Park Management Office, Kinmen County Culture Special books by bureau and private collectors: "Study on the Influence of Hyperrealism on Western Paintings in Taiwan's Official Art Exhibition" (1997, Taipei, Dahangjia Publishing House) Academic paper: "Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa Study" (1996, " Journal of Fuxinggang" 59), "Research on Beitou Fudo Mingwang Grottoes" (1997, National Taiwan Art Education Museum "Aesthetic Education" 79), "The Influence of Hyperrealism on Western Paintings in Taiwan's National Art Exhibition" (1997, National Military Art Seminar Conference Papers), "A Preliminary Study of Cubism" (1999, "Fuxinggang Journal" 66 issue), "A Preliminary Study of Castiglione's Painting" (2001, "Zhongzhengling Journal" Volume 30, Issue 1), "The Beauty of Beitou Ancient Buddhist Temple- Take Puji Temple as an example" (2001, "The Art of Beitou" album)... and more than 40 articles.

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